DIM and Hormonal Acne: We Can Help!

DIM and Hormonal Acn
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You’re all ready for a night out on the town, your look in the mirror, and there it is… Acne! Eek!

Isn’t Acne only something teenagers get? Shouldn’t these breakouts have gone away by now?

I mean, you’ve tried every lotion, potion, and spot treatment there is. You’ve cut out dairy. That’s supposed to work, right?

Apparently not, because you’re standing at the mirror right now desperately trying to cover up that tumor zit with the best make-up you can afford. And now you’re wondering if suffering through the side effects of Accutane or birth control pills would be worth it to get rid of this… Acne!

Maybe you don’t have to use Accutane or birth control to control hormonal breakouts. What if we told you there is a supplement that effectively treats hormonal acne that only has some minor side effects? More and more dermatologists and healthcare providers are suggesting DIM as an acne treatment. And more and more people are reaping the benefits.


What’s DIM?

DIM (diindolylmethane) is a metabolite of Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C). I3C is found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and kale. When you eat these kinds of vegetables, your body turns the I3C that they contain into DIM.

Research suggests that DIM stimulates the production of the more beneficial form of estrogen and turns testosterone into estrogen. DIM also stimulates detoxifying enzymes in your gut and liver.


DIM and Hormonal Acne

Before we explain what DIM does for hormonal acne, let’s dig a little deeper into what hormonal acne is and what causes it.

We’ve seen the comedy shows with the teenage character who has pimples all over their face. If you had hormonal acne when you were in puberty, you know that it wasn’t all that funny. And you may not have been warned that it can return at any age.

About 50 percent of women ages 20 to 29 have acne. About 25 percent of women ages 40 to 49 have it. And then it can get worse as you go into the hormone imbalance known as menopause.

You know those blackheads, whiteheads, or tumor zits that come up on the lower part of your face, like the bottom of your chin and jawline? That’s hormonal acne. It can also come in the form of cystic acne that forms deep under the surface of the skin and never comes to a head.

Hormonal Acne may be caused by the roller coaster of hormones that come from:


This hormone roller coaster can aggravate acne issues by increasing:

  • Oil (sebum) production in the pores
  • Overall skin inflammation
  • Production of acne-causing bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes
  • Clogged skin cells in hair follicles


DIM helps rebalance your hormones as well as decrease sebum production, which can significantly reduce acne flare-ups. Best results happen when you combine DIM with dietary and lifestyle changes. Hormonal acne is a symptom of hormonal imbalance. Working with a doctor can help you uncover the underlying cause of your hormonal Acne and address it.


DIM Side Effects Are Minimal

DIM has proven to be safe for use by most people. As with all supplements or medications, it does come with some side effects. These are usually mild and short-lived. If you take and are one of the people who experience side effects:

  • You may experience fatigue.
  • You could have a headache or series of headaches that can last a few days to a week.
  • Your urine may be darker and have an unusual smell. (This is harmless.)


Because it affects your estrogen levels, DIM has the potential to affect your period. You could develop shorter menstrual cycles, longer periods, or have a period twice in one month. Consult with your doctor if this becomes a concern.

These side effects will subside once you stop taking DIM.


The Other Benefits of DIM

Here’s more good news! Not only can DIM clear hormonal acne but may also:


  • Prevent estrogen cancers. Studies are increasingly showing DIM’s potential in preventing the development of estrogen-enhanced cancers. Since DIM affects estrogen metabolism and receptor activity as well as stimulates cellular detoxification. It may help prevent various cancers like uterine, cervical, and prostate cancers.


  • Help alleviate estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance happens when you have too much estrogen in your system, and it throws your hormone balance into a mess. It can be caused by poor liver detoxification and even obesity (fat tissue metabolizes testosterone into estrogen). Putting anything into your body that contains estrogen or phytoestrogens can also cause estrogen dominance. These things include birth control, consumption of excess meat and dairy products, use of plastics, and certain foods like soy. Estrogen dominance can lead to weight gain, sleep issues, fatigue, depression, irritability, low libido, and irregular, heavy periods. Using DIM can bring estrogen levels back down to normal levels because it slows down the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This will not only balance hormones, but you’ll have fewer symptoms.


Choosing the Right DIM Supplements for Acne

If you search for DIM supplements on Google or Amazon, you’ll get hundreds of options. When choosing to put something into your body, especially something that is going to affect your liver and hormone balance, it’s essential that you choose a high-quality product that contains the purest ingredients and delivers exactly what it says it’s going to.

It takes a lot of time to research brands and products. And it’s easy to slip down the marketing and reviews rabbit hole. Don’t bother with that.

Treat yourself like the awesome human you are and consult with a doctor or other healthcare provider familiar with DIM. They can help you select a high-quality product and work with you to find the right dosage for your situation.


We’re Here to Help!

Are you sick of having to hide in the house because of hormonal Acne? Contact us for an appointment today!

We’ll help you find the right approach to your acne woes so that you can enjoy your life and everything our great city has to offer!

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DIM and Hormonal Acne: We Can Help!
More and more dermatologists and healthcare providers are suggesting DIM as a treatment for hormonal Acne. Read on to learn more!