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I highly recommend Denver Vein Center. From consultation through the procedure and into recovery the service and support have been outstanding. I received a consult for both varicose vein and CoolSculpting. I was treated with such respect and kindness. The staff was so generous with information and care during my multiple treatments. I am pleasantly surprised by my CoolScuplting results. I was told to be patient as result can take up to 12 weeks. At about 6 weeks the difference became miraculously apparent. The nurses demonstrate care and commitment to the best outcome and level of service. The environment is comfortable and not in the least pretentious. Having actual medical staff and the oversight of a physician was so important to me. I feel happy with the investment I have made in myself and will continue to use Denver vein for additional services. Thank you so much for taking care of me.

Christi S.

I would highly recommend the laser treatment of varicose veins from Dr. Norton and her very professional and capable staff.  I went in during the late winter with varicose vein issues on my right leg, and within short order, I had the virtually painless procedure by Dr. Norton with outstanding results.  What really separated them from other practices is the calming discussion of what was happening during the procedure and the excellent follow-up in the ensuing weeks. Again, I was very happy with the results and excellent patient care and follow-up.

Martin R.

I am happy to provide this letter of testimonial for Dr. Norton and the entire staff. I have total faith in Dr. Norton and everyone at the office is so pleasant and cheerful. They are all very caring and professional and Kris was especially helpful. She made me feel so welcome and I appreciate all the special attention she gave towards my situation. I have had several procedures with Dr. Norton and the results have all been terrific. I will always recommend Dr. Norton, Kris, and the rest of the staff to anyone in need of their exceptional services. I am a very satisfied patient and grateful for their kindness.

Barb C.

Too often today, treatment is doctor-centered, hurried, and impersonal.  From the moment I first entered Dr. Norton’s Denver Vein Center I felt confident that I was in good hands.  The staff is simply the best possible combination of competent, patient-focused, and positive.  Dr. Norton and her staff explained what they would do, why they would do it, and what I could expect at every stage of the process.  From the preparation, the patient begins before the vein procedure through the process itself and the aftercare, everything is designed to minimize discomfort and speed healing.  I could not be more pleased with the results. I highly recommend Denver Vein Center to others who need the care I received.

Steve Kirkpatrick, PhD

I am so delighted with how my legs look and feel!  Over the past several years, my legs ached and felt heavy due to large varicose veins. I interviewed and researched several Doctors in Denver and Dr. Denise Norton is by far the most professional, knowledgeable, and caring Doctor that I met.Dr. Norton and the entire team took excellent care of me throughout both procedures on my legs. They were thorough in explaining the process and every step of the way I was treated with total warmth, compassion, and kindness. My legs look great, no more unsightly and painful veins protruding through my skin. The transformation of my legs has been a life-changing event for me. I have the confidence to wear my skirts without having to wear dark hose! I am so grateful to Dr. Norton and her wonderful team. I highly recommend them to anyone!

Victoria Whatley

The service I received at The Denver Vein Center was outstanding. I was so impressed by the staff, service, and results and wanted to let others know about my positive experience with my facial rosacea treatment. I have had to deal with rosacea for the last seven years.  I looked like I had a permanent blush and was always frustrated when I looked in the mirror. I tried different soaps, medications and other remedies that different dermatologists had prescribed for me, but none of them worked. I was really getting tired of the redness, pronounced veins, and acne associated with it. Finally, after my move to Denver to attend college, I decided to do something about it.

The redness associated with rosacea was primarily on my cheeks and nose. The staff went beyond just my cheek and nose, and treated areas that I couldn’t even see, or was aware of, such as my forehead and chin. They treated those areas and after the treatment, I could see the difference. Going beyond what was supposed to be a simple procedure really impressed me.

Denver Vein Center’s attention to detail convinced me of how the service was much better and professional than anywhere else. I initially looked online for clinics that might be able to help me with facial treatments. In the end, I choose two. The first clinic I visited was in the Cherry Creek area and the other was the Denver Vein Center. Both clinics offered the same services, used the same equipment, techniques and had very professional staffs.  After I met with the staff at Denver Vein Center and had the whole process explained to me, I chose them. They explained everything so well and made sure I was comfortable. Further, I felt all my concerns and questions were answered.

After just the first treatment, I couldn’t believe the results! The redness, veins and permanent blush slowly disappeared. By the third treatment, my face was looking like the time before rosacea changed the color of my face. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the results and the affordable price that I paid.

I’m a college student and I don’t have a lot of money, so the cost of having the treatment done was no small decision. In the end, it was money very well spent. If you’re looking for a professionally done treatment, I highly recommend the staff of The Denver Vein Center. Go ahead and compare the services of other providers, as I did and you will find that the Denver Vein Center has everything the other expensive offices offer, but at a much better price and with much better results. Really, give them a try and you will see results.

John L.

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