Vein Sclerotherapy Treatment: The Sequel

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Last week we provided a comprehensive article on vein sclerotherapy treatment. But as with any blockbuster, there’s always a sequel! So this week, we’ll take a deeper dive into some of the lingering questions you may have about sclerotherapy to remove spider and varicose veins. We’ll also deal in more detail with aftercare for sclerotherapy treatment.

I’m Freaked out about Sclerotherapy. Is It Going to Work, and Is It worth It?

First off, we know that a lot of people don’t like to get injections. If you’re one of those people, then sclerotherapy treatment may seem scary.

It doesn’t have to be, especially when you compare this procedure to what may happen if you don’t get it – like life-long painful veins, rashes, and soreness – or if you look at other types of procedures like phlebotomies or vein stripping (yes, we said vein stripping).

Sclerotherapy is a quick and non-invasive way to close up veins and have them disappear. The needles are tiny, and we can numb the area for you. The solution that we inject does irritate the vein, so you may feel some burning or tingling, but that will pass. Some people don’t feel anything at all!

When you look at sclerotherapy that way, it’s a no-brainer.

And yes, research has shown that sclerotherapy is more than worth the time and money that you will put into the procedure.

Spider veins will fade or disappear altogether, improving the look of your skin. And varicose veins – and their symptoms – will go away forever. Never to plague you again! And did we happen to mention that the treatment is permanent?

I’m Afraid the Side Effects of Sclerotherapy Treatment Will Be Worse than Living with Ugly Veins!

If this fear is running through your mind like a hamster on steroids, let us reassure you. The side effects of sclerotherapy are minimal and only include

  • bruising
  • raised red areas
  • itching
  • darkened skin near the injection sites

Sound manageable? Here’s more good news: Side effects usually only last a couple of days – a couple of weeks at the longest.

Somebody Told Me It Takes Too Long for the Veins to Disappear. Why Bother?

True – you aren’t going to go in for sclerotherapy treatment at lunch and then be vein-free for your dinner date that night. But the length of time it takes for veins to disappear is really reasonable. If you’re prepping for a big event, then just plan ahead.

For spider veins: Studies have shown that sclerotherapy removes spider veins in 75-90% of cases, so you probably won’t have to return for many sessions to get the full effect. You can expect spider veins to completely fade 3-6 weeks after your session.

Varicose veins: In this case, you’ll probably need multiple treatments to get optimal results because research suggests that 50-80% of varicose veins treated using sclerotherapy disappear. You can expect varicose veins to take 3-4 months to disappear.

I’ve Had Other Procedures Where Aftercare Was a Pain. Is Aftercare for Sclerotherapy Treatment Going to be Bad?

Aftercare comes down to four things:

  • Avoid sunlight
  • Avoid heat
  • Keep moving
  • Wear your stockings!

We know it’s going to be hard for some of you to avoid sunlight and saunas, but it’s a must for two weeks after your sclerotherapy procedure. You can, however, exercise as much as you want to – just don’t go down a black slope or engage in any strenuous competitive sports. But walking and moving your body will help you heal faster and stop blood clots forming.

Now we move on to the dreaded topic of compression stockings.


I Do Not Want to Look like an Old Lady in Her Compression Hose and House Slippers!

First off, why not? Give yourself a break once in a while and chill out!

But we’ll get real here. You’re going to want to go back to work and play – and one of the great things about sclerotherapy treatment is that you can go back to most daily activities immediately. So what to do about the compression stockings? Wear them!

Here’s the deal: Compression hose, stockings, and socks now come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and compressions. This means you can wear them to all kinds of engagements without anyone knowing. You may also notice that your legs feel better wearing them!

Need more reasons to wear compression stockings after sclerotherapy? How about this: A study in the Journal of Vascular Surgery showed that wearing compression stockings for three weeks after the procedure improves clinical vessel disappearance. That means you’re going to get better results with the stockings!

Do I Have to Sleep in Compression Stockings after Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Your doctor is going to give you aftercare instructions specific to you. Generally speaking, most people only need to wear compression stockings for one night after the procedure. After that, it’s just daytime wear. Remember, wearing compression stockings significantly contributes to the quick and even closing down of sick veins.

I Love the Sun! Why Do I Have to Avoid it after Sclerotherapy Treatment?

If you want the treated areas to darken, then, by all means, go spend as much time as you like in the sun. But if you want to avoid hyperpigmentation (skin darkening), then steer clear of the sun. Protective clothing and a broad-spectrum sunblock for at least one month afterward is a must. Use a sunblock that’s SPF 15 or greater until your skin has completely healed.

I’ll Go Nuts Without My Sauna Sessions! Why Do I Have to Avoid Heat?

Heat causes blood vessels to dilate. Blood vessel dilation can interfere with the sclerosant that your practitioner injected. When that happens, you’ve wasted your time and money because you’re not going to get good results, and you’re going to have to go back for another procedure. To make sure that doesn’t happen, avoid heat treatments for four weeks.

This doesn’t have to be the end!

Have more questions about vein sclerotherapy treatment? Contact us for a consultation today! We’ll answer your questions, address your concerns, and get you set up for a sclerotherapy treatment in no time!

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